50 out of 129


Yesterday, it was our 50th day of of the 129 days of the exchange program. It was far the most incredible day in NYC.

Tuesday 01

Misa told me about spending Wednesday at NYC. I said yes that would be really nice, let´s do it! Before going to sleep he told me about getting up at 3 am so we could catch the bus at 4.45 and get to NYC earlier so we could have a good chance to get free tickets for Jimmy Fallon´s show. That was really early but since I really wanted to go I agreed.

Wednesday 02

I woke up at 3 am, I was so tired that I fell sleep all the way to NYC. We had breakfast at the McDonalds from Time Square at 6.30 am. Then, we went to Rockefeller Center, we were standing in the line for 2 hours! Then, a lady came and gave us  stand-by tickets, she told they were not actual tickets but that we had to come back at 3.30 pm to know if there was actually place for us in the show. Since we were there very earlier we had very good place in the line, Misa had number 10 while I was number 11.

We saw a picture on Instagram of a famous photographer in NYC that took a picture up in the roof of a building with a background showing the Flat iron Building, we really wanted to have the same picture, so we went to the same building. First we did not know how to actually get in any building and climb up to the roof so we chose one near from Flat Iron and get into the elevator, there were about 7 more people with us. When everyone exit to their floors we stayed in the elevator and check floor by floor in which we could exit without any one noticing and run into the exit door to get the stairs. We exit on the 2nd floor, we took the stairs up to the roof. We were so excited that we forgot to leave the door open for when we had to exit. After we took some great pictures, we jump to the next building and use the exit door to get down to the street. It was awesome! It is far the best picture I have in NYC.

Then, we went to a famous Bubble Tea store where they prepare bubble tea with cotton candy. It was delicious!, best bubble tea ever.

At about 1.30 pm we went back to Rockefeller center and waited for it to be 3.30 pm. Then the staff people asked us to take our place in the line according to our ticket number. We waited about 40 minutes. Then, a lady came out and said the first 25 people were going to enter, we could not believe it. We were actually in! The show was great, we laughed a lot, the special guests were Tina Fey, Santigold and Rachel Maddow. We could not use our cell phones to take any pictures, though, I took one of my bracelet! (haha)  We went back to New Paltz at 7 pm, I was exhausted. I ate about 5 tuna packages and I fell sleep almost instantaneously.

It has been one of the greatest days so far!


By the way, during the show they really recommended us to watch Santigold´s music video “I can’t get enough of myself”, it is actually pretty awesome, cause you can see yourself in the video! Here is the link for the video in case you would like to watch it! 





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