Last weekend I went to visit my Mexico friends that are in Chicago. The trip had everything, my flight got delay for 7 hours. I was supposed to get to Chicago at 2:20p.m and I ended up being there at 9:00 p.m.  Despite the long delay I had the most amazing weekend since I arrived, I got to see my friends from Guadalajara and had a blast. The first night we went to a bar and had a lot of fun. The second day we went to the bean, Willis tower, Giordano’s pizza which is absolutely the best pizza ever! (It really is), we had dinner at The House of Blues which is a blues restaurant and really cool, if you ever go there try the ribs not the wings! On Sunday we went to watch the Superbowl at a sports bar, I had higher expectations about the half time show. On my last day (Monday) we went to have breakfast to Corner Bakery which is a must restaurant, I think they have some on New York as well, then we went to The Field Museum which is really cool, after that we went to have lunch to Panda Express. I was depressed when I left because I really enjoyed spending the weekend with my friends and I wished I have stayed more days.  My flight back home was delay again :/ so I spent half of the night at the airport and the other half at Times Square because I missed the last bus to New Paltz and the first one was until 7:00a.m. DON’T TRAVEL WITH AMERICAN AIRLINES!


That was by far the most fun weekend ever! If I could I’ll go to Chicago every weekend.

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  1. camillaliqgmailcom

    It sounds like you had an amazing weekend Misa! I wanna go to Chicago too!

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