Saturday hiking


Saturday was the big hiking day for Christina, Felicia, Pernilla and me.

Pernilla and I were so excited to explore the nature of New Paltz and its surroundings. Moreover, the weather was especially perfect: blue sky, sunshine and almost no wind.

So after after getting dressed like professional hikers and eating an energetic lunch we all jumped into the car for a 20 minutes’ drive through endless amazing landscapes. We arrived at the end of the road. We parked the car there and began the hike. It was so quiet, peaceful and beautiful! There were no determined paths what was even more exciting. After climbing some rocks, we began to hear the sound of the water. Suddenly we saw a small river, we continued our way to arrive to the waterfall. The most beautiful was that at the bottom of the waterfall there was ice. The show was amazing. The water literally arrived in a huge block of ice. We sat down, took a lot of pictures and of course tried to climb the ice to get closer to the waterfall.

We met some other people but we were most of the time all alone in this small paradise.


After that we decided we deserved a hot drink. So we all went to the Cafeteria to have their special hot chocolate with Irish cream and I took a blueberry muffin (which was awesomely awesome!).

I have never hiked a lot before but here it was great! We decided to do it again as much as we can before leaving New Paltz for NYC where it will probably be more shops climbing than rocks climbing… 😉


Stay tuned for the next post.



  1. Joan Schuman

    Wonderful waterfall photo!

  2. pernillakaraker

    Wow, Fanny we look like a “just married”-couple on the waterfall picture!

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