My coldest birthday ever


Last Saturday 13th of February was my 22nd birthday. And one day before I have read on the news that it was going to get really cold, but I didn´t imagine that it was going to get that cold.

As always during the morning I normally wake up and go to the hotel´s lobby to have breakfast, and the day of my birthday was not the exception. As soon as I got into the lobby everybody was waiting for me with a cake, candles, birthday plates and hats. The rest of the morning I stayed in my room, watching movies and doing pretty much nothing.

For lunch we were planning to have to have sushis, so when we were on our way, the weather was so cold that it was really painful for us to keep walking. Therefore we decided to stop walking and went into the closest restaurant. We had lunch and decided to head back to the hotel.

In the night we gathered in one of the rooms and spent time together.

All my past birthdays have been very different, but this one was one of the best ones and obviously my coldest one.


  1. camillaliqgmailcom

    naaaw <3

  2. Gaby, honey is was so nice to celebrate your birthday here all together!! It was the first one of a long series … 😀

  3. We have to give it another shot, so we actually go out on your birthday, haha! Wherever you want to go, we’ll go! Your wish is our command 😉

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