Movie experience ..

Bonjour bonjour,

Last Sunday, Camilla, Pernilla and I went to the cinema to watch the movie, that we thought was going to be awesome thanks to all the celebrities that were starring in it, HAIL CEASAR.

The movie was at 7.15 PM, we met in the cinema around 7.05. There were so many people waiting to buy tickets, we were very nervous that our movie would be SOLD OUT… but it wasn’t. Actually it would have been better if it was.

 So we bought our tickets, found the perfect seats in the cinema room and waited for the beginning. We were so excited to see all of those celebrities in ONE movie! The only problem was the story. Neither Camilla, Pernilla or I can tell you what it was about. We didn’t understand ANYTHING, NADA!

 I was sitting between my two friends. After more or less 45 minutes, Camilla looked at me desperately and said that she didn’t understanding anything. 10 minutes later I looked at Pernilla who was actually resting her eyes (in other words, taking a short nap).

 We did stay till the end, expecting a rebound that never came unfortunately.IMG_0925

So flop flop movie


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