I just had my two first interviews!

It has been a strange week with snow, sun and monsoon-type rain here in New Paltz. I really liked the snow but I was chocked when I woke up the next day with a 25 degree difference in temperature (from -13c to +12c in 24 hours!!). For Gaby’s birthday we had around -20 and windy. Was literally too cold to function!!

So today was the big day when I finally got to go to NYC for some interviews. I had my first interview at 2 pm and I think it went pretty good. It was very casual and the prospective supervisor seemed really nice. It is a position in HR and I think that it could be a great way to learn the “ground work” of HR.

After training for our interviews with Martha and Jeff I am a bit surprised that both interviews today were so casual. The first interview took about 50 minutes and it was more of a conversation than anything else. I like it and it makes me feel more comfortable but I think I was expecting an interrogation…? The second interview was also very casual, we talked for about 25-30 minutes and I think I had the same amount of questions as he did. I really liked the position and he was great but the competition feels sky high. Well well, I guess I will know if I went through to round 2 next week 🙂

That was all from me for this time! 🙂ny-winter-snow-usa-800x1280

Picture taken from https://www.nymetroweather.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/ny-winter-snow-usa-800×1280.jpg

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