Wall street

We have already worked almost two weeks at our internships and I have started to feel like I actually can get myself around quite good in this neighborhood of Wall street. I work down at financial district very close to Wall street and the tempo here is high. Just how I like it. I am going to tell you about how my days look like here at Wall street.

First, I start at 8.30 and I always arrive at 8.15. If you take the 1 train from upper west side you get to sit. Yes, I know, the 2 and 3 line are express trains and go a lot faster, but that is what everybody thinks, so then I have to stand up for 25 minutes instead of sitting down 32 minutes. Hello?!

Everyone goes together in a fast pace from the train station in our suits and business casuals. Before entering our work, we go to a close coffee shop. I go a bit further to get Starbucks, but that’s fine for me. Every morning I ask for a tall black roasted coffee with some room for milk. I get my coffee all right, but never any room for milk. I guess they just have a few drops of milk in their coffee over here? But that’s fine, nothing can stop me from enjoying this city. After this, I walk really fast together with other excited “Wall street’ers” down to Broadway 39 where I enter the building. And up I go. 36 floor
s up in the sky there is this Investment/asset management company called Divine Capital Markets. For lunch, me and my Swedish colleague and friend Einar goes to this restaurantutsikt 2 we love called Flavors. Then I work all day, well at least until 4.30 p.m. before heading home.

This is the view from my window office.

So, I spend my days at Divine looking at the Statue of Liberty and I AM LOVING IT!


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