To do when in New Paltz

Time flies by and it is already time for fall break. The most of my exams, reports and presentations is done and today I finally had some time to just relax in my room for a few ours before class. Then I realize that we leave this place next Friday and I started to reflect over this past two months and my time in New Paltz.

Before we leave next week I want to leave a small but good “New Paltz Bucket List” for future visitors.

  • First of all, you have to visit Mohonk Mountain for a hike, and if you are up for an adventure, try the red paths and the labyrinth. The best about this is the totally amazing view you will see.
  • The Athletic and Wellness Center has activities to sign up for, be quick and do it directly when they release them. We got the chance to go zip lining and that it’s an extreme adrenalin kick and extraordinary experience. Thanks to school we only paid 25 USD, but if you go by your self it will be over 100 USD.
  • On Main street, there is a coffee shop called The Cafeteria, their environment is cozy, it’s a good place too study and some days you can sit there and just listen to live music.
  • A cross the street from The Cafeteria there is a cross-street to Main street where there is the coziest book store, and the best chocolate store in town. Definitely worth a visit.
  • And last but not least, our favorite activity. Eating good food. Maincourse is with out doubt the best place in town, with its healthy and fresh food, it’s always delicious. I don’t even want to count how much Hawk dollars I spent there. Two other restaurants with really good food is The Mexican Kitchen, I mean even the Mexicans in my class likes it and that says a lot. The guacamole is fantastic! The last place I’m going to recommend is Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant. They have a very varied sushi menu, – and if you like sushi, you going to love that place.
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  1. Jeff

    love food recommendations!

  2. chiaracarmen

    I feel to less sportive for trying number one and two, I trust you. But I definitely feel confident -and competent- to try the Mexican Restaurant! Thank you honey for the suggestion!

  3. einarfransen

    I will miss Main Course when we have left New Paltz!!

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