Picture taken from the telescope of the University. No filter.

1982 was the last time it occurred. 2033 the next appearance. However, during the night between September 27 and 28, the Blood Moon has given the Earth a breathtaking spectacle. And I was in New Paltz. Probably, one of the better places for enjoying this extraordinary phenomena.
The “Blood Moon” – also called Total Lunar Eclipse- occurs when the Earth is exactly in the middle between the Sun and the Moon. The gases contained in our atmosphere, create the illusion that the moon becomes red.
Everything that night was so magical: I have never seen a moon so bright and big. Everyone was out in the campus street – some of them were even in pajamas- to view it and take pictures. Indeed, during the total lunar eclipse, the moon is 8% bigger than the normal dimensions! We were so fascinated that we decided to go to the university observatory, which is situated in a silent place, quite close to the wood. Here, everything was even more beautiful and I felt like in a movie. There were some astronomy students that were enthusiasts to show us some old magazines about that phenomenon. There were also telescopes, that people could use to see it better. Students were not the only watchers, other New Paltz habitants had gathered there. Among them, a old man has attracted my attention: he was so passionate and excited about the lunar eclipse, analyzing every detail with his gigantic telescope. But he was even happier to explain us what it was happening, to transmit us his knowledge. And there were also a good pleasant music, enchanting the atmosphere. We were all together, with heads up to the sky and one purpose: enjoying our moon.

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  1. I totally agree with Chiara, everything was beautiful! We spent an unforgettable moment!

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