Living my dream

12200625_10156198122930554_542216194_nTo walk the streets of Manhattan every single day is like a dream is coming true. Exploring new areas, restaurants and parks every day is amazing and something I would like to continue doing for the rest of my life. Our area, upper west side, is beautiful and surrounded by amazing grocery stores with a lot of cheese. We have arrived to cheese-heaven, which we are so happy for! Before we arrived NYC, we knew that living five girls in a two-room apartment would be crowded but it’s amazing to wake up every morning and be surrounded by my wonderful friends. Now, I can’t imagine living without them. Furthermore, NYC is an amazing city and I love the fact that the city is filled with beautiful parks.


This Saturday, we were walking around in Central Park and it’s beautiful. I like that New York is the city that never sleeps but I to walk in quiet areas where you really can relax. For me, to take the also like that there is a possibility time to walk in the parks of NYC and to take the opportunity to relax is the way to really understanding the fact that I’m actually living in NYC. Sometimes when I walk to my internship, I’ve to remind myself of that I’m actually living one of my dreams and I’m realizing more and more that’s possible to realize you dreams.




  1. akbuerke

    Hi Agnes,

    I definitely agree, New York is great!
    Now, I know who is reponsible for the Swedish evening with delicious cheese 😉

    Many hugs,
    Ann Kristin

  2. Dear Agnes, it’s nice to that you are enjoying NYC!!! I’m sure you are doing a great job at your internship and the city still has a lot in store for you!!! <3

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