Fall Breaking in 2016?

Hi new IIB students!

Are you a fall breaker? Do you want to have fun? Do not hesitate and read one of our posts that we have written about! Everyone chose different places to spend these four free days. Autumn in the United States means, for me, red leaves, perfect weather and… Columbus Day! Some mates of mine visited Montreal, others went to DC and I left for Boston. Every decision you will take, I am sure, it will be a good idea! Boston, for instance, is awesome. There are, China Town, Little Italy, many parks and a harbor from which it is possible to see lovely and pink sunsets. Restaurants offer fresh fish and there is a market in the city center, called Quincy Market, in which you can find whatever you want! It is possible to visit Boston, and even the near Cambridge, in three days without problems; and it is definitely less crowded than New York City. For me, it was like staying in London but with less Italians settled in. And, believe me, especially if you came from Italy, this sounds good! I felt in love with this city and I recommend all of you to spend your time wandering in New England!



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  1. Looks amazing. New England has a hell lot to offer 🙂

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