HI everyone!

Today is one week that we are in NYC, but it seems like three days. I love staying here, there is so much to do e to see. I started my Bertelsmann’s experience last Monday and I can consider myself lucky because I work with an amazing and knowledgeable team. They have been so friendly with me since the first working day. My shift is from 9AM to 5PM and this is cool because I am having the possibility of visiting the City. I am strolling around every neighborhood. Two days ago, I went to my mates’ apartment and we had a real Italian dinner, homemade by them: rigatoni with tomatoes sauce, mozzarella, bresaola and speck; I loved that moment; we had fun. Every morning, I can’t wait to start each day, to enter in the Penguin Random House’ building with my badge, to open my 20th floor office and to switch on my huge Mac.

A tip for future IIb students: you must find Trader and Joe’s market and buy their own Macaroni and Cheese; surely you will love them, exactly as I did!!

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