Yes, weekend!

Hi everyone!

Please, read this post questioning…

Have you ever been into a movie set?

Do you know what does “Big City Life” mean?

Last week I went with some mates of mine to NYC to spend our free time in a town that, usually, I’m only able to dream. Firstly, Andrea and I went to SuitSupply to tailor his new suit. The place was amazing. Huge windows let the daily light come inside and permitted us to have a real “newyorkese” view: big buildings and junctions between streets and avenues; furthermore, a huge and soft sofa and fashion newspapers filled the tailoring room. The shop assistant offered us an expresso waiting for the clothes that Andrea must try and we changed floor with a man who “drove” the elevator with a kind of lever, that I’ve never seen before except for Harry Potter’s movies. Later, we strolled around Soho and we had an amazing brunch with other mates. It was unbelievable: delicious eggs with beetroot hollandaise sauce and mint lemonade. In general, Soho is glamour, green, full of famous shops and people enjoy their spare time doing shopping or just walking with friends. Later, we decided to go to the Freedom Tower both to see the new building, that carve NYC’s sky, and to do not underestimate those were important days for United States. Our tour runs out at Bubba Gump, the famous Forrest Gump’s shrimp-restaurant in Times Sq., where we ate with a wonderful view on the LEDS. I believe that this was the best way to finish our day! I really loved this day because, sometime, is very important “to recharge our body battery” after a hard week at campus.

Big city life? ✔

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  1. Fede.Leonardi

    Woooow Silvia.. Great day in the City!
    New York is amazing, do not you think?! <3

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