Two weeks left to the premiere for the New York Rangers

Ever since Peter Forsberg made the final goal for Sweden in the shot out during the Olympic final 1994 in Lillehammer I have loved hockey. By that time I was just a little kid and I was told that Peter Forsberg didn’t play in the Swedish hockey league but in a much better league, called NHL in North America. All the best players in the world are playing in NHL and many of them are actually Swedish, for example, the Sedin twins, Backstrom, Zetterberg and, maybe the biggest star of them all, Henrik Lundqvist. Lundqvist plays for Rangers and has got the nickname “The king of New York” after all his outstanding performances for the club. Wednesday the 7th is the official premiere in the NHL and guess who’s going to sit next to the TV and watch the game?! Later when we move to NYC I will make a dream come true and switch the TV against a real ticket and experience the best hockey in the world live. Just let me know if you guys want to join me!


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  1. Jeff

    If I can find some free or severely discounted tickets – I am in. I cannot afford NHL tickets, esp. in NYC, but I have heard NJ is much cheaper. . . maybe the redwings play the devils this fall?

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