To be able to try your desired super power

Imagine having a super power like being invisible, be able to breath underneath water or flying high over the ground – it would have been amazing but of course, it’s not realistic. Even thought it isn’t realistic, there’re different activities you can do in order to try how it would have felt to actually have a super power. You can hide yourself, go diving with tubes or go zip lining at the second largest zip lining in the world, which some of us did this Saturday.

It was a beautiful morning the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the temperature was perfect. As we were walking towards school and our starting point of the day, we were talking about or expectations of the day. Everyone was happy and thrilled for the happening of the day – the zip lining. When we arrived at school a bus picked up us and drove us to Hunter Mountain were the zip lining was located. During the bus ride, the radio was on and several upbeat songs were echoing in the speakers and we sang along. After one-hour drive, we arrived at Hunter Mountain. It appeared to be a skiing area were you can go skiing during the winter season and during the summer season, there’re different activities to try out and zip lining is one of them. We went out of the bus and walked up to the office of zip lining. At the location, we got divided up in two teams and we were the seconded team to go off.

12053158_10156105664335554_1274251967_n At 1 p.m. we went to the top of the mountain with a regular ski lift with all our equipment like helmets and harnesses thrilled to begin our journey of zip lining down the mountain, but what we didn’t know was that the zip lining was the second longest and highest zip lining in the world and we had no clue of what to expect. When we arrived the top of the mountain we saw the first line. It was the highest of all of the five lines we were going to zip away from. We all got scared. After having a safety review we were ready for take off. We got divvied in pairs and created a queue. Johanna and me were the fourth pair to take off and by watching the others zip away we got more and more terrified. When it were our turn, the guide called us up and counted down from 3 to 1 and when he said 1 we zipped away and it was the most amazing experience in my life. We flew over the trees in our cannonball positions that we were taught to do and the speed increased as further we went – it was an incredible feeling. When we arrived our first platform, I just kept thinking, “I’m so happy that we have four more to go!”.

Later on, we zipped away four more times and walked over a suspension bridge. Everyone was filled with happiness and excitement during the whole day and no one of us could stop smiling. Of all things I have every done in my life this was the most excitement moment! To be able to try my wanted super power – flying – was an experience I’ll never forget and if I could, I would have gone zip lining every single day. It was amazing! So if you have a wish to try your super power – do it. It feels like you’re having the super power and that feeling is wonderful!



  1. einarfransen

    I’m also jealous, I really wanted to try that. It’s a shame I didn’t.

  2. Jeff

    I am jealous – have always wanted to try that!

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