The first true English conversation…

IMG_0456This is THE day. Today is the day when me and my Swedish friends had an English conversation without thinking of it being English. After five weeks of speaking almost only English (yes of course also some Swedish, but just a little) with my international IIB-friends I finally found my self actually having an English conversation with my fellow country friends from Sweden. I felt really excited! Can you believe it? I spoke English with my SWEDISH friends and we didn’t even think about it. I will remember this day for a long time to come!  You may ask yourself at this point why I’m so happy about this phenomena? Well, the reason for me being so happy is that I’m finally feel comfortable with speaking English. Hallelujah!

Have you ever been in a foreign country? Probalby most of you have. Then you know the feeling of not finding your words when speaking to someone in another language. These situations are starting to get more uncommon for us. Its more common that I just spit the word out and sometimes a little bit to fast, hehe.

I’m not speaking perfectly in any way, but I’m just not nervous about speaking anymore.

At least not in everyday life conversations. I never expected it to go so fast, but I believe that the progress is probably a result of us really trying to learn the English language. Another contributor is the fact that we’re practicing it every day. And I have my IIB classmates to thank for this. I’m so grateful! We’ve all improved our English skills and it’s so fun to see how we all get more comfortable speaking it every day.

The first English presentation..

Before coming here, the thought of me standing in front of a crowd and doing a presentation in English was nerve crackling, but now its just one more experience for me. Today we had our first one-by-one English presentation. Oboy you can imagine me being kind of nervous before entering the stage. But as soon as I got started, I actually enjoyed it. It was a great feeling to master a presentation in another language.

As in any situation in life, I like to challenge my self and overcome obstacles. It’s the same with the English language. I want to learn to speak and write fluently. So, with this said, I would like to encourage you all to go out there and learn another language. Its soon much fun!!

Whats next?..

I wonder what comes next, dreaming in English or forgetting the Swedish language? Stayed tuned and you might found out 😉


  1. Fede.Leonardi

    Yeeeee! Good job Johanna! 🙂 This is one of best results of our experience!!

  2. agnesnilssons

    Wiiee! That’s amazing! I totally agree with you, it was an amazing experience to speaking english without notice that we actually were speaking english! Let’s continue with speaking english so we can develop even more! And soon, you may only be able to speak english! 😀

  3. Wow, that is really a great experience, both the conversation in english and the presentation!! To have a conversation without thinking about which language you are talking is the best feeling ever! Great job Johanna!

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