New Paltz may initially look quite died. If you go to New Paltz Monday at lunch there is not much movement for those who are used to a big city. But do not let appearances deceive. Towards evening on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays people starts to wake up. It´s those days most college students go out. We, who are not really use to these collages parties think it feels like a movie. Red cups and Budweiser. But it´s more than that. This is an awesome place to meet new American friends and other people. Develop your Language skills and why not exchange some dance moves?

I have only tried 2 places, P&g´s and Mcgillicuddys. Sometimes they can have different theme nights, for example tower night every Thursday. It´s usually packed with people at 10-11 pm but you can come a little lather if you preferred that. Both places is quite small and cozy, and it´s a good place to just hangout. There is good music with good mixture and all the times we have been there it´s been a nice atmosphere.

Both P&G´s and Mcgillicuddys is restaurants before the bar opens. Why not start with dinner and then quit by dancing till the night become morning with you friends?

This is something you should try if you are visiting New Paltz to get an insight into the American college life.

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