September, 21st was an unbelievable day for me! I left from New Paltz in the morning, taking the bus towards New York. I was scared because I had to be interviewed at 2PM by the human resources corporate of Bertelsmann group and my mind was focused on the target like never before. While I was in the bus Martha, my advisor, called me telling about another opportunity: I had to sit another interview at Jimmy Choo and it was scheduled at 4.30 PM. I thought … even if I am sat, i am going to faint. I decided to do whatever I love during that day because everything should has been perfect. I arrived early and I started taking care of myself with a tasty pumpkin spicy latte at Starbucks. At 2 PM I was at Penguin random house building, which is the biggest publisher in the world and it belongs to Bertelsmann group. I have been interviewed by 4 people and I loved that moment because I felt myself confident, alive and important. Later I went in the “Sex and the City’s shoes kingdom”, also called Jimmy Choo, and it was like reaching a dream! After these two big steps of my life I just had to pamper myself again, so I went to buy my drugs: trousers and sushi at Topshop and Wasabi. That day has been such a perfect one. I really believe that one of the best thing that a person can do is to fight for something, to get it and to treat himself after a success. Everything seems bigger if I think that i am just 23, I come from another continent and I live in a very small town… but I am able to dream, this is my strength!


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