During our time here in New Paltz we´re not only attending classes and getting to know the area. We are also constantly in the process of seeking for an internship. Many of us came with a dream on working at a big company in New York, and now it´s time to fulfill that dream.

The whole process can be hard, long and frightening. But we always have our advisers, Martha and Jeff to go to for advices and questions. Sometimes you feel that you want to give up, and sometimes you feel that you can do anything. The feeling you get after an interview that went great is aaamazing!

But you need to remember one thing, you need to put your time and effort to reach that dream. No one is going to give you an internship (as much as you sometimes wish for)!

The whole process:
Complete your resume and cover letter.
You will work with this during your business communication class, but as soon as you start, the better resume and cover letter.
Start look at company´s you would think is fun to have an internship at.
(This doesn´t mean that you will get those)
Have regular meetings with your adviser and discuss your possibilities.
 You will share what you have found, and your adviser will come up with suggestions matching these. Or, help you reach out to those you´ve found.
Have your mock interview.
This is a practice interview at the career center. This helps you be properly prepared and you can ask questions and get advices on what you should practice on.
Set up a phone interview.
If you have a company that is interested in you, set up a phone interview. Make sure you have enough time between you class and interview. Also that you have a room that’s empty and that you have enough money on your phone. Be properly prepared.
Set up a personal meeting.
If the phone interview turns out great, as I assume. You will set up a time for a personal meeting at the office in NYC. Make sure to dress properly, be prepared, and that you have enough time between your bus and the meeting, you can never count on traffic.
Get the YES!
Hopefully everything has worked out as it should. If not, just keep on going! Your time will come!
From here, you adviser handle all the paperwork and all you need to do is prepare yourself for your first day!

When you read this, this may sound easy. But don´t let this fool you. You need to work hard and be prepared to fight for what you want. Everybody will get an internship, it´s just a question of when. Don´t get lost in this internship process, try to enjoy this experience and learn from the interviews that didn’t work out as you thought. You can do whatever you want, just keep in mind, always be yourself!

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  1. Jeff

    A large piece you left out – you are also taking 5 university classes while doing this – something quite new to many coming from more traditional European universities. The work load in an American style classroom can be overwhelming – lots of homework, reading, case summaries, quizzes, etc. Important to prioritize, get plenty of sleep, and of course, eat healthy during this phase!

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