Our life in campus is crazy, literally crazy. Class, papers, books, assignments, dining hall, union building and, again, assignments, class, books and so on. At the end of a common day I feel as tired as I have run the New Paltz Marathon and my thoughts, usually, go in a unique direction: “my room sweet room”.

But last week, on Wednesday, an odd feeling took possession of me, and I decided to go to the Health Center to try to keep fit. In the Health Center, there are a lot of classes that we can do, two gyms, tennis courts and so on. Each team of the campus, known as The Hawks, here, have their training. I thought that muffins, cakes, potatoes, hamburgers had to be just a remembrance. Half an hour before the beginning of the hip hop cardio class, I enjoyed the queue to sign up, ready to dance, equipped with my hot pants and my just-refilled bottle of water. The room was very huge and along one side there was a big mirror, in which we would have seen if our performance was good. Alyssa, our teacher, was full of energy and she continued to smile. One, two, three and MUSIC. Thirty-nine girls and I were involved in an amazing sound. I was doing well, a part for some small, insignificant problems: I wasn’t good at dance. I wasn’t on music and every time that I had to turn right my body decided to go left. But I was super happy. For my gym-mates maybe this situation, this music, this class could have been normal, but for me everything was so special! For an Italian girl, taking a hip hop class, after her lesson, in a campus’ health center, surrounded by green and green, is something incredible. It was like being part of a Disney Channel serial for teenagers. I have loved seeing lot of students enjoying their free time between Zumba, hip hop and yoga classes, gym and swimming pool.

I finished my class tired but very satisfied as for this real American experience as to have kept fit. When I went out I saw our campus lit up and the sky was amazing: unbelievably nor light blue neither dark blue; a man was singing and playing guitar and some guys were skateboarding. I put my headphones and I came back home for having dinner and planning the yoga class for the next day. I remember I thought that I started to love this place and that I will miss it once left.

I was very tired at the end of the day, but I could say that I had a real “campus day”.



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