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We have a lot of things to do here in New Paltz – and a lot to think about. You’re gonna keep up with five different classes, try to find a internship, get to know the people in your class and keep contact with your friends and family at home. You’re also supposed to adjust to the new environment, learn the new cultural rules and find some time to explore New Paltz, with surroundings.

Sometimes, it get a little bit too much. You maybe get the feeling that your head is going to explode? Or you just wan’t to hide for everyone just for an hour or two. But that’s totally alright, it’s the same for all of us.

For me, the best way to clear my head is exercising. And for that, you have a lot of possibilities here in New Paltz.

The school has it own athletic and wellness center, it’s free and available for all students. Isn’t it great? There is a gym, a swimming pool, an inside running track and a lot more that I haven’t discovered yet. There is also a lot of different classes every weak you can sign up for. I can highly recommend the hip hop cardio class. I was high of endorphins after, it was so much fun.

It’s just to bring your gym clothes to school for a work out before or after class, or even in between if you have a long break.

For me that’s perfect. It makes it easier to find the time for a work out. I need the safe and familiar routine of exercise when everything else is so new. It clears my head, gives me new energy to deal with everything and with some good music in my ears it also gives me time for myself. Above all, I sleep much better and eat so much better when I have a good exercise routine.

All over, I feel better and perform better.

And the most important part – I get the energy to enjoy all the fun parts of being here.



  1. agnesnilssons

    I agree with you! Especially the part when you’re describing that exercise makes you sleep better, I sleep like a baby after I’ve been exercising – it’s an amazing feeling! I’m impressed by how you’re combining school and exercising, you’re really good at having work-life-balance! 🙂

  2. For me, exercising is also a good way to keep track on my thoughts! Maybe we can work out together sometime? 🙂

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