Getting here! Memories…

Today, I don’t know why, but I’ve suddenly begun to think how I got New Paltz. Before coming I knew anyone who is doing the IIB program and I decided to book the cheapest flight that I was able to find, by Aer Lingus, the Irish airline company. Usually, I use to spend my time in airport with other people, because when I go for holiday I am never alone. But that day no one was with me, so I decided to look me around all the time through Milan, Dublin and New York, trying to understand that strange place, always full of different kinds of people, called ‘airport’.

I have to tell that in the airport there is free entry so, until get the metal detector, there is the possibility of meeting everyone… Firstly, there are people that are not able to control themselves; they use to exceed with drugs or alcohol. They are easy to recognize because they often are bent down on the floor or on café’ sofas, wrapped in their jackets. How to identify them? Their heads are always kept up by hands or by their luggage. These become part of the furniture. Secondly, there are busy and active people. It doesn’t matter if it is morning and they haven’t slept, they must walk and walk again. I love them because if the airport life exists we need to thank them. Thirdly, there are barmen, shop assistants, warehousemen, hostess and stewards and so on. They are in the airport just because they are paid. They don’t look happy but if I asked them something they would help me. Then, there are techno-addicted. Are they, maybe, driving the world with their lighted apple?

In the end, here I was. I was excited and full of energy, but even a little bit scared for this new experience. I really didn’t know in which category I could allocate myself so I choose to observe the others. Milan, Dublin, New York…there aren’t big differences. This is the airport life. In Italy we use to say “Tutto il mondo è Paese” and the meaning of this sentence is that it doesn’t matter in which country you are or you are from because, more or less, everyone is similar concerning habits.

To whom is going to read this post next year, I will suggest to live as well the airport experience with each related feelings. To whom is already here, I would like to push everybody to remember how has been your “getting here” experience.

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