This Saturday, me and some of the swedes wanted to come up with something
fun for our lovely classmamidsommar1tes. We are always talking a lot about cultures and differences between our countries, so we wanted to play some typical “midsummer games”.

Midsummer is a tradition in Sweden that occurs during the summer.
We gather our family and friends, eat a traditional herring lunch and sing songs.
During the afternoon we usually dance around a midsummer pole, and play games.

We divided the class into 4 different teams, and they were supposed to answer some questions in a short quiz. The funny part in this is that you must answer the questions with a name of someone from your team.

For Example:
“Who in your team is the fastest roller?

Answer: Daniella

When they had answered all the questions we collected the papers, and the games could begin.

The different kinds of games were:

  • Who could fit the most marshmallow’s in their mouth
  • Roll out a toilet paper role as fast as possible
  • Stand in the plank for the longest time
  • Drink up their soda as fast as possible
  • Fastest runner
  • Smash a balloon between them the fastest
  • Make the longest peel from an apple with a plastic knife

IMG_2772 IMG_2773 IMG_2781

We also had some small challenges during the games. One of them were to run inside and come out as a cat. This was so much fun! Another one was to run and grab something with the school logo.

The games were so much fun, and we had no clue that the class were so competitive! I think this was a great way to come together even more as a group!

And of course, the winners: The flaming enchanters! Congratulations!


  1. einarfransen

    You guys made a fantastic replica of a Swedish mid-summer. I’m impressed that you could do that here in US with the limited supply of things.

  2. Fede.Leonardi

    Daniella thanks for this crazy but really funny experience. It was nice to spend time together! Thanks you so much!

  3. This was a great day and I’m so thankful that you guys arranged it! I would like to do it again soon! Thank you!!

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