I love Meatpacking District

Last Saturday , I went to NYC for the third weekend in a row since we came to New Paltz. My plan was to stay in New York during the day and then take my wonderful Trailsway bus back at 11:30 .

I walked all afternoon, tried to lose myself in the beauty of Manhattan buildings. (I have a Lonely Planet , but really , I’ve never used it). I can not get used to the height of these buildings. Usually, I feel really small when I see the world from my 1.60 cm. These buildings may be huge but I feel alive, like I’m in my own world and while a bit like an ant.

Anyway, in the evening I met some Italian friends for a happy hour at The Standard ( view from the rooftop is really awesome ) and to eat a real Italian pizza al Luzzo ‘s in the East Village ( Roberto Benigni , the actor of La vita è bella was unreasonable beside me).

In fact, when the clock struck 11:20 , I did’n’t felt like to leave the city , it was ” too early ” . I decided to miss the bus and fall in the vibrant feeling of the New York nightlife . We went to a bar in the Meatpacking District , this area is something amazing . In the end I came back to the Super 8 on Sunday afternoon.

Below is a selfie, made ​​at the motel at 05:17

” New York, New York, so good they named it twice ”

me after club

me after club

#no filters 🙂

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