It’s hard work (mostly)

The dedicated reader of this blog might think that we enjoyed wonderful eight weeks of leisure time at SUNY New Paltz. But we should put something right here: The IIB program is an academic program that is, although it’s a lot of fun, still hard work. To our excuse, posts and pictures of us sitting in the library is not the first thing we share on our blog. Therefore, this media gallery is about the one thing that remained concealed until now: Our HARD work. University life in the US is quite different to other countries. Here, you have to do many small group and individual assignments that sometimes reminds of middle school homework. Because there are so many of them, it requires time management and self-organization. Group work requires the ability to work in a team as wells as collaboration skills and finally the amount of work can be overwhelming sometimes, at least, if you want to see something else than the campus. This is very similar to the job life and thus prepares you well for it. I hope…


  1. Mara Cascio

    The dark side of IIB! Sad but true, New Paltz is not only leisure, but also hard work and dedication… but we have to say that the boring part of the program makes the fun part even funnier.

  2. antoniapilot

    Thank you for writing the truth, Tobi! But the good thing is…now we finished everything!!! Let´s see if we will have more leisure time during our internships 🙂

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