Ever since I was in kinder garden they taught me that the year has four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The teacher usually showed all the students drawings of each season so we could know what each season looks like.

Spring always was flowers and bunnies, Summer, the sun and beach, Autumn, trees with red, orange and yellow leaves or without them, and Winter was always snowy.

I have to tell that I could picture each and every one of the seasons in my head, but never experienced them as that picture. Maybe Spring and Summer were kind of similar, but I have spend about fifteen years imagining Autumn and Winter in a certain way.

My real Autumns and Winters haven’t been like those kinder garden pictures, until now. About two weeks ago I saw what my teachers showed in those pictures, but in real life and for the first time. Red, orange and yellow leaves are on the trees and all over the ground, something that I’m not really used to.

So for now I’m really happy with Autumn in New Paltz and New York, and I can play with the leaves and hide in them like if I was a little kid.

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