First impressions of Gluttony


The first week was really exciting: I met new people, the new work environment, communication in a foreign langauge, but it was great! Everyone at Gluttony is so nice and there is a great working atmosphere, very comfortable and a flat hierarchy. I can ask questions whenever I want. We share offices and we always have fun. My first tasks were really easy to handle so I got more self-confident for the second week.

My way to Gluttony is also very easy and short, it takes around 30 minutes in total. It is very comfortable also because of my working hours (10am to 6:30pm). It´s perfect, in the evening I have time to experience NYC.  On Friday, I can leave earlier if I want to, so that I can experience NYC more. This Friday I visited the MoMA,. It was amazing. On Friday there is also always a highlight at Gluttony: we order lunch and eat together on a big table. Very cozy and last Friday we had a lot of fun.

So the second week starts in some hours therefore I have to sleep now…