First day of internship at Gluttony

Finally the day is here –  October 21nd, 2013, my first day of internship at Gluttony. Gluttony is located on 114 W 17th St, New York. It is located in “the in-location” Greenwichvillage. Gluttony is a creative marketing agency that focuses on social media marketing. I started my first day like the traditional New York people do. I drank a tea in reallly nice coffee shop next to Gluttony before I started to work. It was a perfect beginning, the sky was blue and the sun was shining. It was a great feeling and atmosphere to use the train how all New York business people do and to walk through the streets with my notebook. It was a wonderful picture to see the skyline with a blue sky background and the sunshine between the skyline. You feel like you are in a big big dream, you would never believe this before. I had a nice first day and a typical New York lunch at a deli with Pasta. At 6:30 PM the day at Gluttony was over.

Entry of Gluttony

Entry of Gluttony

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  1. Mara Cascio

    How exciting! That’s a perfect first day!!!

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