Train Insane or Remain the Same

Since you get pizza, burger and fries every day in the dining hall, I became the athletic center`s best customer. Fortunately, the athletic center of SUNY New Paltz offers a wide range of fitness equipment, dump-bells, tennis squares, group workouts and even a big swimming pool.

Last week I created my own training plan: 3 to 4 times training a week – pump, group workout and cardio. But I am not the only one having fun using the great sport offers. IIB students go to the gym together to meet their friends there, train hard and even try new sports. Coincidental, last week we had our own group workout.  Training and pursuing the same goals together is just much more fun!

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  1. Yes! You are right Tony, I love that the gym has so many things to offer and it is perfect because it´s true that the only thing you eat here is pizza!

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