Life as an IIB-student

Nearly three weeks in the program and I think I have everybody´s backs when I say that we are having a blast! The pictures shows what we have been doing for the first three weeks! I would like to make some head shots of some pictures;

The New Paltz ID-card: Hold on to it, this will crush your AMEX at school. This is not just an ID-card. It will also feed you during your first eight weeks in New Paltz. The card is charged with 500 “hawk-dollars”, 100 “dining-dollars”, and 20 meals at the Hasbrouck dining hall. Many of us are already over budget, so spend your money well. And by the way, there is a lot of places off-campus that accepts “hawk-dollars”.

As you can see, the other pictures shows that we´re not only in class. We spent the Labour-day weekend in Atlantic City and in Philadelphia. Some of us went to Boston.

The fall crew also like to go out for dinner. There is a lot of great places here in New Paltz if you want a nice dinner for a decent price. America is all about the food, so enjoy your meal!

Anyways, I don´t want to bore you with all these text. Time to continue searching for internships. Many of us already got interviews. Remember: Dress to impress!


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  1. joakimziegler

    Wow! Nice pictures and great story. Love my ID/meal-card!

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