IIB-students going on a roadtrip!

The IIB-group of fall ’13 arrived approximately three weeks ago, and the time has passed so quickly! Even so we’ve already had time to go on a weekend-trip!

Our second weekend here 12 of us went on a roadtrip to Atlantic City and Philadelphia! We also found time to go shopping in the huge outlet Woodbury Commons. We were divided into one all-girls car, and one all-boys car and the girls stopped at two more outlets (TJ Max and Marshalls). It is no myth that we girls like to shop!

Besides all the shopping we had good food, went sightseeing, visited some clubs and just had a lot of fun! Atlantic City looked like little Las Vegas at night, but was quite dodgy during the day. However, we went to the beach to have a look (not to tan or swim though since it was very warm but cloudy) and had breakfast on a restaurant just by the beach, it was beautiful.
I didn’t know so much about Philadelphia before coming there, (other than it being the hometown of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) but it was a very nice city. The only bad thing about the trip to Philly was that we just missed a huge music festival that they had that weekend. Some of my favorite artist were performing so it would have been awesome to see! We’ve learnt our lesson to check out what’s happening in the city we’re going to next!

Anyway, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!
Camilla, IIB-student

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