Getting to know New Paltz

It’s been almost 3 weeks here in New Paltz and I felt it was  more than necessary for me to spend some time and explore this town and go farther than McGillycuddy’s and P&G’s ( the two favorite local bars).

On Saturday of the second weekend I woke up “early”, took my camera and started walking down Main Street with Mariana.

So, New Paltz is a really small but very colorful and a pretty town. Walking along Main Street we found little antiques and clothes stores that capture our attention, but my personal favorite one (and I think Mariana’s too) came to be Cocoon, a really cool store with lots of random and unique things.

There, you can find a pair of cool socks or ninja cookie cutters, rare books, and speakers with different designs, just to mention a few things. There’s even an area for babies and kids. It really is a very cool store.

Leaving Cocoon behind, we continued our little journey walking down Main Street and arrived to the Water Street Market, which is like a little alley with restaurants and more little antique shops; I felt I was in the set of a movie.

And talking about movies, after lunch on this Water Street Market we walked and walked until we arrived to these stone houses that are part of the Historic Huguenot Street and have been there since the 1700’s, so definitely a place where you could make a movie. Here in town they take really good care of the historic houses  so I don’t think that they would like them to be use for movies, but… who knows?

So that was my second Saturday in New Paltz, and I ended up tired for all the walking but I must say that it was totally worth it, and now I feel like I know where everything is, but don’t trust me so much because I can get lost even in my own hometown!

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