Here in New Paltz there are not so many options if you want to go out and party, we have P&G’s, Murphy’s, McGillicuddy’s and Oasis and then we have the one and only – Joe’s. Joe’s is a typical American country bar with line dance and you name it! This place has become a favorite of mine, I love Joe’s!

It’s so funny to watch all the Americans dancing (how can everybody know every dance move to every song??????) and of course dance your self. Every time we have been there it is always some nice person who wants to teach us how to dance, and if we dance…. Oh yeah!

You haven’t been in New Paltz if you haven’t visited Joe’s!


  1. Therese Uden

    Haha yes indeed! 🙂

  2. Salina Tortora

    Ahahaha Thereeeese!! We are mind-reader!!! 🙂

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