Super Bowl Commercials

Last Sunday all of us except for poor Maja who were sick (missed you a lot!) went to McGillicuddy’s, a local bar here in New Paltz, to watch Super Bowl! Of course it was not just because of the sport.. Or Beyoncé.. Or the food and drinks which you may believe. We are marketing students so we could not miss the always so famous commercials!

It is a really amazing phenomenon, that companies pay $4 million for a 30 second spot of commercial, which usually costs under $1 million when it is not showed during the Super Bowl. The great thing is that there is no hold back on creativity and entertainment! These are my two absolute favorites from this year.

My classmates would probably say my favorite was the Calvin Klein commercial though, and I can not totally disagree.. ;P But anyway! I am really looking forward to see one of ours commercial being showed during Super Bowl in the near future which I do not doubt at all will happen!


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