New Paltz

My first post will be about New Paltz and after these three weeks we’ve been here, I think New Paltz is a charming small town. It’s not as hectic and busy as NYC or other big cities in the U.S. are. The shops and the small restaurants makes you realize that you’re in a small town. I also think that being here in New Paltz makes you see another side of this vast country.

One thing, most non-americans notice when they come here are the huge portions of food you get when ordering. Since we aren’t able to cook here (no kitchen), sooner or later you’ll miss home cooked meals. I know I do. After exploring this town, we have found a great place, thanks to Jeff, offering fresh food with portions similar to the European. This place is called Main Course, a place where you’ll see most of us (at least the Swedes) eating one of their deliciously good food. A restaurant I recommend!

While writing this post, I realize that it’s February already, meaning we have almost been here for a month! Time really does fly when you are having fun! So, we should make the most out of everything here in New Paltz and when we move to NYC!

Sunny but cold day in New Paltz

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  1. Haha I will never forget when I ordered soup and they gave me the most enormous bowl ever!

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