Italian Survival Kit

Changing countries for 4 months, when you are 23 years old, is a challenge! We have tried to address this in a creative way so we have identified some elements that you NEED to have in your room if you want to survive the IIB program 🙂 :

1) SUIT: we have to have an internship so it is a must to have at least one suit! (preferably not hot pink) So you have to remember to pack: black shoes, black jacket, black and elegant skirt and white or solid color blouse… and if you forget it?? No problem, you can always look for a CK or Armani suit at the nearby outlet…in the end we are always Italians 😉

2) WINTER CLOTHES: I think the sweetest way to describe winter is the image of falling snow but to avoid becoming a giant snowflake you HAVE to fight with the COLD that characterizes this area… I’m just saying that when it is 4 degrees, it is a hot day for us …

So you have to remember to pack a heavy coat, gloves, a hat (possibly thick…don’t do like me!), warm scarf and boots!

3) SOMETHING FROM HOME: 4 months can be a lot of time if you are not used to staying away from home…so a suggestion from a person who comes from the land of “big babies”: bring something that reminds you of home!! And…if you forget it? Well do not worry you can always buy Nutella 😉

4) WARDROBE ORGANIZER: at this point you are probably thinking … we have not filled too much our luggage?  … how could we fit everything into a motel room? After a moment of panic (I’m sure I heard my best friend yell at the closet the first ten minutes I was here) we found a solution: the wardrobe organizer! Probably, if you’re like me and you find all your clothes cute on you (even if your friends do not agree) it can also be useful to have plastic drawers;)  After all, what kind of holiday did you have if you do not come home with 3 suitcases?!

5) RICE COOKER: we have arrived at the fateful question… how are you going to be able to wear your clothes if your stomach is not used to eating American cooking? I can’t afford sushi  every day otherwise I won’t be able to indulge myself in the New York boutiques!! We have found a solution also for this problem: rice cooker!!!

For now, New Paltz offers me other challenges but with a kilo of rice in one hand and Uggs on my feet I am ready to take on anything!


  1. Carol V. Torres

    so true! =) … we love nutella <3

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