Already a family

We’ve been here for almost 3 weeks and it feels like we have known each other for so much longer time. We are already acting like a family and its very comfortable to feel that you can trust 17 new people who, out of the blue, appeared to form part of your history.

For example Jenny (the best roomie ever) got sick the first week and we were all very concerned for her health, some of the girls brought her a big bag full of things to do & eat while she was resting so she would not get that much bored at the Super 8. Also last week was Nora’s 22 birthday and we had many surprises for her that day, Jacopo created a FB group just for planning her birthday, and I’m sure that Nora loved her birthday and all of her birthday presents!!

We have traveled as well to Boston and New York and we have had an amazing time!

Everyone is different, but we are the perfect combo! Differences brought us together. We are having a great time, and time passes so fast, we are already searching for the internships!!

Italy, Sweden & Mexico united in the Super 8 motel.


  1. Great blog post Blanca! Time really flies and I can’t believe we have been here for three weeks already! I’m sure we will have a wonderful time together in both New Paltz and in NYC!! I liked the photos from Boston and NYC, who knows where we are going for the next weekend?!

  2. Daniela Bruce

    Aaah, the best first blog post ever!

  3. Therese Udén

    What a nice and super sweet post Blanca, two thumbs up for you! 🙂

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