Letter to Joan Schuman

New York City – December 8, MMXII

Dear Joan,

two weeks ago my supervisor asked me to make a research about the new Google’s creation, it’s called Google Art Project and it’s under Google Cultural Institute’s big umbrella. 

My supervisor, Anita, asked me to explore the site and write a detailed report from both esthetic and “technologic” point of view.

I went on the web site and suddenly the PR assignment#3 came in my mind (maybe because I did it three weeks ago.. lol) and guess what, I started to follow the list that you gave us. 

From the background and the front page’s information to the Privacy and Policy&Terms’ details, everything seemed an open book or better everything appeared easy to read. 

I was so proud of myself that when I went out of work and I run into Sara (she works across the street with Therese!) I told her my story she answered that something similar happened to her.

She said that now she understands better how exposed a company constantly is and for her position is very important to keep it always in mind. She have also learnt how important it is to use every method and every media available to take care of the relationship between the company and all its customers, investors, workers and society in general.  

Quoting Sara:”That’s because the company is no longer the simple result of work and a well produced product. The company’s life depends on the performance of its product, as much as on the company’s representatives’ ability to communicate within and beyond the company itself. Crises, both internal and external, extraordinary events directly handlable or not, can  undermine its success and all the work and the commitment of years of activity risks to vanish away in just a few hours.” 

When finally I came home and I was telling Karen (my rommie) and Giulia (who came in my bedroom to pick the hairdryer) my thoughts they completely agreed with me in how helpful all PRwork was and they started to tell me their stories.
And I am pretty sure that all the others have similar stories to tell…

Thank you from all of us!



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  1. Joan Schuman

    Thank you!!! What is so rewarding is to read how you and your “classmates” have succeeded so quickly on the job and demonstrate your understanding of PR/Social Media/SEO. Congratulations, and thank you again for your generous posting. Joan

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