What I am going to miss from my time in New Paltz?

New Paltz have been so different from what I’ve imagine and mostly for the positive. New Paltz is New Paltz you have to stay and live in this Village YES it’s a Village, to understand the culture and the lifestyle. People are different, people are nice, people are friendly, and people here live an active life. Some people dress funny others act funny. To be weird is normal and to be normal is weird, WHATS NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THAT.

I’m going to miss many things from this place anything from the late night discussions with the staff at the Super 8 or the crazy people that end up at the Super 8 to the café places and mostly to the beautiful nature there is here.

You can be whoever you want to be in New Paltz and no one is going to look at you funny or point, you are accepted in this Village.

I’m going to miss walking with my friends to School, walk around on campus, go to the gym or just going out to have a lunch or dinner.

Now that the weeks has passed and we only have days left to end our chapter in New Paltz I have to say that I have done more than I ever could have imagine, I’ve created many memories and stories, and on the whey I’ve met people and made some friends.

For now I have to say goodbye to New Paltz.

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  1. Louise V

    I think that I will miss the bed…!

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