Trip to Hyde Park

A while ago four of us Swedish girls went on a schooltrip organized by ESL (English as a Second Language). We went in a yellow schoolbus, and one of the teachers were talking in a microfone all the way. I think I wasn’t the only one who got flashbacks from middelschool.. We arrived at the Roosevelt Mansion, where Franklin Roosevelt were born, raised, and also buried. It was very interesting walking around the house. They had keept furniture, clothes, books etc. from when he lived there.

The next stop was the Vanderbilt Mansion which was beautiful and had a very nice garden. Maybe more in an european style. The Vanderbilt family built 40 mansions around the US and this was the smallest one, only 54 rooms. The Vanderbilt couple who lived there during the early 1930s just spent a few of months there every year during spring. A niece inherited the property when William Vanderbilt died in 1938, but she didn’t want to live there and tried to sell it, which wasn’t easy during that time.. She asked Roosevelt for some advice and he recommended her to donate the mansion to the organization today called the Central Park Service. And so she did.


  1. Anna Ahlm

    That would be a great idea! Maybe they can have a spa as well.
    I can imagine there are some nice walking tracks in the area.

  2. It was a lovely day, wasn’t it? I think that they should remake the Vanderbilt Mansion so you can stay over, like a hotell, wouldn’t that be cool?

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