The Place to Study

There are quite a few things to do as we approach the end of the study part of the program. And to get things done, you need to be able to focus. The way I do this is to select a place dedicated to studies, and studies only. That way, whenever I go there, I get into “study mode”. On campus this spot happened to be second floor of the Student Union Building, or the Atrium as it’s called. Apart from all the space available and the peaceful environment, the opening hours are very generous; from early morning to 1AM during weekdays, and 11PM on weekends I think. Try it out; you might be able to get a whole lot of work done in no time!

The funny thing is I wrote this earlier today without posting. When I got over there to post and do some homework Andreas, Filip and Nicklas were actually sitting there! Somehow I feel less productive than usual..


  1. Anna Ahlm

    Looks like a nice place to study Tobias! I used to sit in the basement of the library, not that many windows there 😉

  2. Tobias Bengtsson

    You haven’t? Too bad.. I’m actually up here right now, feel free to join 🙂

  3. Haven’t seen that place! To bad that you tell me know when school soon are over =) Good luck with your studies!

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