Mohonk Preserve


Last weekend we went hiking. We got up early and we took a taxi from Super 8 to the hiking center.
It is just few miles away from New Paltz. We paid just $7 per person to get there.
In the hiking center we bought a trekking ticket ($10) and we entered in the Mohonk Preserve.
This place is perfect to walk and to climb. After walking in the forest for 2 hours, we reached the Mohonk House, situated on the top of a hill, just in front of a big lake. Now days it is a restaurant and an hotel.
From there it is possible to see an higher hill and on the top of it there is a tower. There are two ways to get there: walking or climbing. We decided to climb.
The slideshow I posted shoes few examples of the wonderful views it is possible to have form there.
I really suggest you to go there!

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