Because of the little time we have left in New Paltz (only 12 days until we live New Paltz), so I want to make the most of it. Minerva and I decided that we want to travel around to and see the towns close to New Paltz and we choose to visit Kingston which is about 30 minutes bus ride. The town is nice you can feel that is a small town when people in the bus station asks what you are doing here and advice you to go back. But we ignored them and took a cab down by the Hudson River and walked beside the river until we found a nice restaurant where we had some dinner and looked out on the boats that passed. The time just flew when we looked at the time we realized that we had to hurry to the bus station to catch the last bus back home.


  1. Johan Rohyo

    We missed the festival with one day. It was on Saturday and we went on a Friday. It would had been nice to see It.

  2. Jeff Pollard

    I saw that the O+ festival ( was there that weekend – did you see any artists or hear any bands?

  3. Johan Rohyo

    I think that people who live in Kingston don’t like Kingston. The people who lived there were a bit special, they tried to be nice but where instead mean. I had mixed feelings of Kingston. But like I said by the river it is beautiful but, I would not go back to Kingston because of the people and lack of doing and seeing things. The only thing that could make me go back is the restaurants around the river and to actually take the boat ride on the Hudson River, I heard that it’s really nice.

  4. Oh have you been in Kingston? Did I miss something?

  5. Andreas

    Why did they advice you to go back?! Didn’t they like it there or was it something else? Sounds creepy.

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