Life on Campus – Arrival Week

There were an odd number of male students coming this fall and, because of that, one of us got the opportunity to stay in a dorm on campus. As things turned out, that person is me.

So I thought I might give you my, slightly different, point of view of campus life and the experiences associated with our stay here in New Paltz.

Upon arrival one of the first persons i met was named Samba. A while later I realised he was going to be my roommate for the following months. He’s a good guy and he loves to cook, lucky me!

To be continued..


  1. Tobias B

    How about tomorrow after a game of tennis? 🙂
    Yeah, great weekend! There will be more of those.

  2. Nirstam

    Sounds awsome man! But when are we fellas at Super8 invited to dinner? 😉
    Thx for a great roadtrip and weekend btw!

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