How hard could it be…?!

When I moved to New York in the middle of august I didn’t bring my telephone (where I have my calendar)

I realized after a week in school, with an intensive flow of information, that I really need a calendar.

Since my American phone’s calendar is useless, I decided to go the concervative way for once, and buy a traditional calendar that I can have in my pocket.


The problem is that, every where I went, I didn’t even found ONE calendar, not at shop rite, stop & shop… not even at school….

Is the world really that technical developed or am I just bad at looking?!


  1. Andreas

    Now I’ve looked all over campus and in every shop in New Paltz and haven’t found ONE. I guess this is the confirmation that we’ve really gone over to the real 21st century where paper shouldn’t be allowed?!?..

  2. stop by Manny’s art supplies on main street – they carry them!

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