1. Giulia Barbieri Carones

    This is absolutely the best time to go trekking!

  2. Giulia Barbieri Carones

    I saw the first Christmas decorations last weekend in the shopping mall in Kingston!

  3. Giulia Barbieri Carones

    Halloween is in the night between the 31′ of October and the 1′ of November.
    Do you mean the Octoberfest in Munich? This year it was from the 22′ of September until the 7′ of October.

  4. Andreas

    Haha, probably directly after Halloween! Someone who knows when it’s Octoberfest and also Halloween? I mean the dates..

  5. Anna Ahlm

    There are pumpkins everywhere! Last weekend we had a couple of them in the Super 8 lobby. I am curious to know when they will start with the christmas decorations…

  6. The fall are coming, you can see it with all the pumpkins everywhere, the trees are getting more colours and also that the weather getting colder. It’s start to look and feel like Sweden 🙂

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