Campus at the end of September

Just 19 days and we will move to Manhattan!!!
We look forward to starting our internships and to live in the most exciting city in the world: New York City!!!
At the same time I am quite sure we are going to miss New Paltz, the Super8 Motel, Pasquale’s pizza, our evenings in P&G’s, our walks to go to school every day, and the university.
Considering that the campus is the place where we spent most of our time, I decided to post here few photos I took walking on campus.



  1. Giulia Barbieri Carones


  2. Andreas


  3. Therese

    Beautiful pictures, Giulia! You’ve really managed to capture the best of campus. I agree Tobias, time flies!

  4. Tobias Bengtsson

    I can’t believe it’s only 19 days left! I mean, it feels like we just got here..

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