American History in Washington DC

The IIB-gang took the opportunity because of the long weekend to take a road trip and visit some other places in America. We visited Atlantic City, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. My favorite part of the trip was Washington DC, the place with never ending historical moments. History has been written in this city and this city is filled with historical monuments and museums, and the best part it is free and easy to get to. The history that has affected United State of America has gathered in one place and tells the stories of the past.

Although I am from another country far far away from United States, I still feel pride for this nation. People have given up their lives to change the future of this nation so that their families and others can have a better future. For the memories of the history and in memory of the historical moments and of those who passed has the nation honored them with memorials so that for the future generation can look back and be grateful for what the they got.



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