A Manhattan Weekend!

Every other weekend we seem to travel somewhere. This weekend the 17 of us split up and while some went to Canada or Boston I was one of those who went to Manhattan.

We arrived to Manhattan on Friday evening, ready to hit the first rooftop bar. It had an amazing view and I, who haven’t been on a rooftop bar before, was stunned.

Saturday we decided to explore Midtown Manhattan. Well okay, explore might be an exaggeration as we went shopping all day.. A not so student-friendly way of exploring Manhattan I would say. The evening ended in a similar way to the night before. We ate dinner and went to another rooftop bar called Le Bain.

Sunday was a perfect day for walking (again). So we went the opposite direction from the day before and headed towards East Village. East Village is, according to me, the best place in Manhattan. When you’re walking the streets there, you feel almost like home. In comparison to Times Square, with all the tourists and high buildings, East Village has a slower pace with a lot of vintage stores, and cozy cafes.

20.00 pm it was time for us to take the bus home to New Paltz..

…..Now I really need to get back to my studies. First exam is only 1 ½ weeks away from now.


  1. Hanna Mansson

    I think the name was 230-fifth! I advice you to go there, really nice place!

  2. Louise V

    It was a great weekend! And it was my first time in East Village, it was fab! I’m looking forward to all the vintage shopping in October. Don’t you? And of course all the nice pubs and cafés that we have to visit!

  3. Nicklas Irstam, Nirstam

    Wow you seemed to have a great weekend in Manhattan! What is the name of the rooftop you went to Friday??

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