New Paltz from above

I wanted to try something that I have always been longing to do, so I took a 15 minutes cab ride to “Skydive the Ranch”, to skydive above New Paltz. The weather conditions were unfortunately not very good since it was cloudy, but luckily the clouds were not that thick.

The view that I got from the plane on my way up and from the jump and down is indescribable. I got to break through the clouds on the way down and to see the sun break through other parts of the clouds. The only thing I can say is how AMAZING it was, and that this is an experience that I never will forget. Since this was my first time jumping with someone – a so-called tandem jump – and we jumped from 14,000 feet, the jumping experience took about 10-15 minutes.


  1. Johan Rohyo

    what do you mean about that? 🙂

  2. Jeff Pollard

    Joan – we have actually had a few IIB take the plunge, and ironically it’s the ones you would never expect to do that.

  3. joanschuman

    Very brave!!! I think you are the first of my IIB students to skydive.

  4. Johan Rohyo

    I linked there website on my blog post. Just click on Skydive the Ranch.

  5. Johan Rohyo

    It was actually fun and afterwards you feel very proud of yourself that you accomplished the jump. I haven’t heard that you can skydive in Long Island, but I know that there is a place in New Jersey, but this place that I went to is more convenient it’s a 15 minutes cab ride and it cost 16 dollar one-way. The price for the jump is 219 dollar and additional 119 dollar for video and photo which I recommend for a first time jumper. The prices of jumping in America are less expensive in comparison to the prices in Sweden, I believe it’s almost half the price and the season is longer here.

  6. Andreas

    Really jealous!! I have to do that before I leave New Paltz! Though I’ve heard they have skydiving at long island as well! Maybe try it there also?? How much was it for the jump?

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